Popular Good Slots

Slots are the most popular and exciting type of games in online casinos. The percentage of payments to a player in legal online casinos is 95-97%. You won’t be bored with slots.

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Why Slots is Better?

Why Licensed Slots is Better?

Licensed slots are issued by world famous software manufacturers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, RTG, Play'n GO and others. In licensed slots, the mathematical model of the game and fair work is ensured by the slot manufacturer. For this, manufacturers receive their handsome percentage of commission from each game. Manufacturers value their reputation very much and do not allow someone else's interference in the work of their slots.

Tips for Slots

Slots Line Winning

Now there are about 1000 varieties of video slots. To make it interesting to play, manufacturers come up with new effects, events, bonuses, winning combinations. Classic mechanical slots have three reels and one line with a winning combination of signs. Video slots have 5 reels and many lines. There can be not only horizontal winning lines, but also vertical, angular, diagonal paths and other effects. Because of this, the game becomes more interesting. In modern slots you can find from 100 to 1000 winning lines and paths, which significantly increases the chances of winning in each game.

Typically, in mechanical slots are betting on one line. This makes sense when there is only a jackpot. On video slots, it is better to bet on several lines. Other bonuses often appear on other lines. If you bet only on one line, then you will not receive these bonuses. Therefore, it is better to divide the bet amount and proportionally place a bet on several lines than to put a large amount on one line. Different slots have a different bonus system. Find out the conditions of bonuses in advance. On some new slots, the bet amount is automatically divided into several lines. You don’t have to choose which lines to bet on, just select the amount and the bet is automatically distributed across all lines.

The slots sometimes have a jackpot. Jackpots in video slots are classic and progressive. Classic jackpots are accumulated on one machine with a fixed amount. A progressive jackpot is united by a large network of slot machines of the same manufacturer, it is constantly growing and can reach several million. Then a player will win a huge jackpot in one fell swoop.

Slot Big Win!

Parameter RTP

The main parameter of slots is RTP (Return to Player). The percentage of payments is regulated by law in each country. Usually a good online casino RTP of the slots 94-97%. RTP are listed on online casino websites. Land-based casinos have more overhead, so RTP is 60-90%. RTR is calculated for the year. This does not mean a boring daily percentage. Everything is determined randomly. On different days, player payouts can change hundreds of times. Whole teams of experienced mathematicians are working on a mathematical model of slots to make it interesting and fun to play.