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Super Dice slot

Slot machine real gaming

Your opinion matters! Tell me What do you think about this slot machine and if you're lucky, you could be the next winner, who spend up to € 20 for your account. All you have to do is just comment this post!

More information about the Super Dice slot machine:

Super Dice slot machine Hungary's most popular pub in the online slot machine version of the Super Dice slot machine. More widespread in the early 1990s, a large number of the country and to this day in the popular slot machines camp. This is due to the fact that anyone can easily understand and use. After choosing the bid is set to push only the start button to begin the game.


Multiple ways to win it. First of all, there are only fanning the instant winnings. This is the case if the winning-wheel in one or more identical fruit flies or 7 symbols appear. If three clock symbol is obtained, is worth the jackpot cash. This amount is always seen in the upper right corner. If three dice symbol appears, press the start button again for up to 6 free spins. However, even if the little red button is flashing on, you will receive a free double multiplier circuits. By increasing our chances of winning the prizes is also available in duplicate and a winning record the next disk spins up.


If you feel you tested the game in demo mode enough, go for playing for the real money!



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